Hi, I'm Ewelina, say hello ewelinaelzbieta.cis@gmail.com graphic and exhibition designer. I try to keep sense of humour in everyday life and work as well.

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book cover

Series of covers for the University of Łódź - each of the 6 faculties
publishes its own publications; The task was to create a cohesive
"family". The part of uni's logo (comma-parallelogram) has become
a base element for six different patterns (one for each department).

Each faculty gets also its own color: sociology (orange), political
studies (navy blue), geography (green), psychology (light
blue),philosophy (yellow) and pedagogical (pink).

book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
book cover
zz award
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zz award item

Visual identity for the Zbyszek Zawistowski Award - Best Diploma project among
young polish architects. Logotype, poster, leaflets, pin badge. The sign came from
a combination of initials (double Z) and metaphorical, first steps to success.

zz award item
zz award item
zz award item
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Logotype and posters for 'patrimonium' program - digitization and
access to the polish national heritage from the collections of the
National Library and the Jagiellonian Library.

rycina mapa
coming out
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Coming Out is an exhibition of the youngest graduates of the Academy of Arts in Warsaw
- they’ve just abandoned school’s camouflage. Participants (sometimes debutants) come out
ahead students’ crowd, they stop to be invisible. The concept is an attempt to visualize
this process of emerging in a graphically synthetic way.

chopin institute
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Concept of the new logo for the national institute of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw.
The sign is simplified variation of initials - combination of "F" (Frederic; fortepiano)
and the silhouette of the instrument. Use of internal "keyboard" of letter F;
Round dark shape becomes piano and the shadow of letter in the same time.

music school
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Visual identity for Group of Music schools.

The first inspiration was the stave; the second one was word "group" - as a group of students, teachers,
musicians - people who create the school. The sign is a visual synthesis - rectangles and squares resemble
music notation, electronic sound recording, and simplified human figures.

Visually strong, rhythmic shapes were used to build other elements of visual identity.

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Visual identity for National Institute of Music and Dance.
Music and dance because of the rhythm are inseparably connected. The main inspiration
during the creation of the logotype was a mutual relationship of these two fields of art.

The Institute's sign is an open composition, based on a square, built by the letters of the abbreviation:
N, I, M, I, T. The concept is based on an abstract arrangement of letters I - both are broken into beams
and dots. A simple gesture gave a reference for elements of musical notation. The dots have become a
symbol of two fields of Institute’s activity-music and dance. The chosen colors - black and white - are
associated with the music community, they give classic, elegant and modern feeling.

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My logo is a simple, geometric character, which is a variation of the letter "E" - the first letter of my
name. By modifying the central beam, I created a compact, architectural form that refers to the
areas of my activity (graphic, exhibition and space design). However, this massive, "chipped"
rectangle is not a static figure. Despite the bold structure, it’s a dynamic form, which various stages
build the visual language of the entire identity.